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In addition to people outside of the build, all sense of life have automatically to protect its own strong instinct. For example, I do not know where the house, it was all of a sudden hurt himself trying to avoid inadvertently body, such as contraction of the body to protect its own vital. This is the instinct for the main action, and in the negative in the measures taken. From this phenomenon, we can see that the origin of Taekwondo can be traced back to a life in the human body and the face of the earth based on the moment.

Then, to live means to be one of the specific sequence of Taekwondo, development, and until the form of absolute. However, it is the complexity of the human living environment, and a variety of results. The diversity of life, in other words, the scale of civilization, but also based on the premise of wishing to meet the need. Initially, the firm must have in order to adapt to the vicissitudes of physical living environment, and then gradually expand the scope of life and resistance against external.

Taekwondo by the negative form of transformation, and transformed into an active form of absolutism on the grounds that is yes.

People, in order to satisfy the desire to experience as a mirror, and then come up with the activities of the new method, but people are not content with their own defense, and both had to attack, and this is the origin of the formation of Taekwondo. Human experience, wisdom, creativity and so finally have an effective, appropriate forms of Tae Kwon Do, and progressively the development of this form. However, the light of ancient and modern history of Taekwondo specific technology not fully understand, and then finishing just an effect of historical facts, so as the foot theater, hands-free play for Taekwondo. Although the foot theater, opera, such as hand-pump a lot of historical records, but they could not understand the true meaning and with the Sumo (Korean style) confused.

Although the national change, the war continued, but inherent in martial arts, Taekwondo has in the history, fate, the invisible culture could survive in today, can be described as a miracle. Western culture is the culture of stone, so after the war can still be left over in a few thousand years of culture to today. However, the Oriental wooden ancestral culture, while the ashes of war, or even see the murals are also gone. Now in such circumstances, the only stone chamber tombs were found from the remains of Taekwondo, the there is no policy. Taekwondo wishes to introduce a number of relics in the meeting. So from the original frescoes on the Tae Kwon Do, Tae Kwon Do is known to create murals that have not yet exist in the civil society before, but everyone has the idea of Taekwondo.
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